PSC Content Management, Copywriting and Social Media - full circle customer engagement

Your website IS your business and your customers will make judgements based on content style, clarity and relevancy. As a fully qualified marketing copywriter I can produce fresh, targeted website content that speaks directly to a client base based on an understanding of customer needs and motivation. How is this achieved? By maintaining a close client relationship through ongoing feedback, social media backed by competitor and industry reseach ensures that your messages remain current and directly reflects client needs. This approach also feeds into the overall commercial direction, ultimately shaping an organisations product offering and future direction.

PSC content managment - experience in a range of web content management systems, adding new and editing existing content. Consistent monitoring of content and adjustments as required for measurable SEO improvements.

PSC copywriting - marketing copywriter with experience of a range of industries and media. Developing an understanding of the customer to develop a style and industry knowledge that reflects current needs.

PSC social media - interactive customer relationships, your customer becomes part of your organisation with a mutually beneficial service and supply relationship.

Ensure your website works - it is your most dynamic, powerful, interactive marketing tool. Use it to develop your unique brand identity, ensure that you are one step ahead of the competition and fully engage clients.

Web content client testimonial

BizFizz, Business Support Agency -“PSC Copywriting have been an invaluable support in developing our website to meet the needs of our clients, communicating our message clearly and enabling us to keep our website up-to-date. Reliable, efficient and easy to work with.” Finbarr Carter, Business Coach, BizFizz, Norwich.

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